About Samson

                                                          Shansang Peng

Address: 430 W.Johnson St, 2F, Madison, WI, 53703

Phone: 608-886-6702

E-mail: pss3544@gmail.com

Blog: samsonia33.wordpress.com


University of Wisconsin-Madison                                    expected graduation date: 05, 2013         

-School of Journalism & Mass Communication (Strategic Communication track), Bachelor of Arts.

-Double major in Psychology

-Criminal Justice Certificate Program

-Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Communication Experience:

Webmaster, College of Engineering of UW-Madison                                   11,2011- present

-Develop and maintain student vehicle teams’ website (www.vehicles.wisc.edu, under update)

-Incorporate, organize and edit teams’ information and news, recognize and promote the sponsors’ brands.

Executive Member, Bucky PR                                                                      09, 2011-present

-Bucky PR is a UW-Madison student-run public relation firm

-Create strategic marketing plan, launch PR events, and manage social media interaction promoting brand awareness for and increase usage volume of the Buckybites.com, a meal delivery business in Madison operated by U Connect LLC

Public Relation Manager, Greenverse, Madison Chapter                           09, 2011- present

-Greenverse is a nationwide social entrepreneurship composed of a nonprofit and a marketing firm. It provides marketing services and uses the profit to donate books to children. (Greenverse.org)

-Lunch fundraising events and seek sponsorship from local businesses

-Donate environment related books to local elementary school children to promote reading and environmental awareness

Copy Editor and Feature Writer, Daily Cardinal                                           09, 2011-present

-Daily Cardinal is a student newspaper of UW-Madison since 1892

-Copy Edit articles three hours a week before it is set into type

-Wrote a profile on LifePoint, a Madison’s local needle exchange program struggling with unsupportive socio-political environment against harm reduction based drug addiction treatment

Columnist, Hunan Gourmet                                                                          04, 2010-present                    

-Sponsored by Hunan Culinary Industry Promotion Association, “Hunan Gourmet” is the largest food magazine in Hunan Province

-Write the “Tongue of Backpacker” Column bimonthly, reporting dining and traveling experience around China and the United States

Activities and Volunteer Experience:

Active Member, PRSSA, Madison Chapter                                                  11,2011- present

-Attend and help organize meetings and activities regularly

-Network and pair with communication and PR professionals through mentorship events

Volunteer, Open Windows                                                                          08, 2011-09, 2011

-Open Windows Foundation is a US non-governmental organization that provides children in Antigua, Guatemala with educational services. (www.openwindowsfoundation.com)

-Taught life skill and English for children in impoverished communities in Guatemala, Antigua

Program Coordinator, Mountain Far Foundation                                         08, 2008-08,2010

-Mountain Far Foundation is a charitable organization aiming to provide financial aid and educational guidance for poverty-stricken high school students in Xiangxi ethnic minority autonomic area

-Organized urban students to visit Xiangxi, donate to and communicate with the local communities


-Computer skills: SPSS, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML, WordPress, PowerPoint, Excel, iMovie

-Language: English (proficient), Mandarin Chinese (native speaker), Japanese (functional)

-Music: Certificate of Level 7 Piano Performance and Level 9 Clarinet Performance by Central Conservatory of Music (China)


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